Dear Friends and Guests,

Are you looking for a fellowship to be part of! Notice I did not ask you if you were looking for a church! Yes, we are a church, but we are dedicated to being a fellowship! A fellowship is a group of people with common interests and common goals! Our common interest and common goal is to reach the lost of this world with the message of salvation in Jesus Christ. Our common interests unite us into one big family fellowship! We are part of the family of God doing His will in our community. Family is a big part of our fellowship!

If you are considering visiting Maranatha Bible Chapel we want you to know what you will find here. We love to promote family in all we do here at Maranatha Bible Chapel.

We have a number of different programs for all the different ages of your family. We want to make sure that the Word of God is relevant in your lives so we preach the Gospel and stress its practical application to your daily life. The Word of God is of utmost importance in guiding and directing our lives. We know your time is precious and we want to make sure when you give us your time that we make it profitable with practical teaching from God’s Word. God bless you as you consider attending our family fellowship!

Peace and Blessing,
Pastor Scott Wolf