Planet 456

Planet 456 (formerly Planet 56) is a special place just for 4th – 6th grade kids… for kids from our church and kids in our community. It continues to be a great bridge between our elementary program and the junior and senior high youth group.
All are welcome!
When We Meet & What We Do
We meet together every Sunday morning throughout the year during our 9:30 am worship service. (STARTING SEPTEMBER 8th time changes to 10:00am) Fourth, fifth and sixth graders are invited to come to the Planet 456 room down the ramp. Through the art of storytelling and other creative methods, we help the kids dive into the Bible to get to know God and His Son Jesus better. We teach on a variety of topics. Our team leaders will share personal stories, ask thought-provoking questions, and zero in on main points and applications that the kids can personally relate to. We often wrap up the class with a hands-on activity or craft that the kids really enjoy. We value building relationships with our fourth, fifth and sixth graders!
Special Events
We hold special events throughout the year such as:
  • summer picnics
  • a fall kick-off event
  • a Christmas party with fun games
  • a bowling or mini golf event
  • a movie and snack night
  • a game night
  • an end-of-year party
Our heart’s desire is that our Planet 456 kids fall in love with God and His word!  God can speak to us at any age and in many ways – through His word, music, nature, and other people… just to name a few! We’ll encourage them to watch for, listen for, and hear from God in their daily lives (God Sightings). We’ll encourage them to talk to God, even asking Him their toughest questions, and listen for Him (Prayer).  We’ll encourage them to read their Bibles and to look for God speaking to them through it… maybe even leaving some of our stories on a cliff-hanger so they’ll grab their Bibles and read to figure out how the story ends!  We want our tweens to know that all Scripture is God-breathed, that it’s words are life-giving and is the very thing we need to become grounded in God and His truth.  We love spending time and building relationships with our Planet 456 kids!