Planet 56

Planet 56 is a special place just for 5th & 6th grade kids… for kids from our church and kids in our community. It continues to be a great bridge between our elementary program and the junior and senior high youth group.
All are welcome!

When We Meet & What We Do
Throughout the school year, we meet together several times a month. We meet every Sunday morning except for the first Sunday of every month. (This is family Sunday when communion is served.) Fifth and sixth graders sit with their family for the beginning of the service, and then they come up to the Planet 56 room in the back of the balcony after we’re done singing. The class lasts until the end of the service (11:00 am). Through the art of storytelling, we’ll be sharing real-life historical accounts from Scripture in an engaging way that draws the kids in, with personal stories, thought-provoking questions, and main points and applications that they can personally connect with.
Planet 56 meets two Sunday evenings a month for two hours – at the same time the junior and senior high youth group meets. During this time, the Planet 56 kids participate in an ice-breaker activity, enjoy a snack together, participate in a Bible lesson and discussion, and play group games in the gym. Last year, we taught the kids detective skills to help them investigate the Bible, using “Cold Case Christianity for Kids” by J. Warner Wallace and Susie Wallace. The kids learned how to investigate creation and Jesus with a real detective. J. Warner, a former atheist, is a cold-case detective who has been featured on Dateline, Fox News and other crime-related TV shows. Once we can meet again on Sunday evenings, we’ll see what this year holds!
To get an idea of a typical calendar for Planet 56, please view last year’s calendar. (We have not created a calendar for 2020-2021 due to Covid-19, though we’ll start making plans as soon as we are able.)
Special events are announced to parents via email and our private Facebook group. Feel free to contact Julie Burgess at with any questions or to join our mailing list.
Special Events
We hold special events throughout the year such as:
  • a fall kick-off event
  • a black light dodgeball event
  • a Christmas party with fun games
  • a bowling event at Paramount Lanes
  • a movie and snack night
  • a game night
  • an end-of-year party
Our heart’s desire is that our Planet 56 kids fall in love with God and His word!  God can speak to us at any age and in many ways – through His word, music, nature, and other people… just to name a few! We’ll encourage them to watch for, listen for, and hear from God in their daily lives (God Sightings). We’ll encourage them to talk to God, even asking Him their toughest questions, and listen for Him (Prayer).  We’ll encourage them to read their Bibles and to look for God speaking to them through it… maybe even leaving some of our stories on a cliff-hanger so they’ll grab their Bibles and read to figure out how the story ends!  We want our tweens to know that all Scripture is God-breathed, that it’s words are life-giving and is the very thing we need to become grounded in God and His truth.  We love spending time and building relationships with our Planet 56 kids!