Click the link above to watch a testimony of a man who came to know the Lord through the ministry of “Broken” and the Hungry Church. 

Missions Partnership Weekend – November

Maranatha and Envision Wired, El Salvador share a common vision and purpose in reaching El Salvador with the Gospel. In an effort to become an Acts 1:8 church reaching our Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth we want to partner with the C&MA missions field in El Salvador.

By partnering with Envision Wired we are agreeing to:

promote the prayer and other needs of El Salvador on a regular basis
• send a least one ministry team every third year to El Salvador.
• designate a portion of our local tithe to support “Broken” ministry.

What is Broken?
Broken consists of broken people who rescue broken people who in turn become rescuers of broken people. Aside from seeking to minister just to the needs of a broken person, the Broken ministry seeks to minister to the needs of a broken people. Like Abram who dreamed for a person but received a people, so also Broken dreams of receiving a people and believes in the Lord’s power to accomplish the impossible. It is their desire to minister to the needs of broken, hurting people and, after they have reached a place of health and wholeness in the Lord, to then send them back into the communities of El Salvador to minister the same hope of the gospel to their families, friends and neighbors.

Their focus has been in three areas, Hungry Church and La Fuente afterschool program and Diaspora.

Hungry Church’s vision statement is “Loving those who others fear to love.” Those who feel discriminated against within their own El Salvadoran culture because they may be ex-prisoners and ex-gang members. Because they have tattoos, they are treated different and we want to show love to this group of people who others fear to love. The American Football league here is one avenue we use to meet and build relationships with these men. But not only men, we are also building relationships with the player’s wives and with the girls of the American Flag Football teams.

La Fuente, reaches out to kids in grades 6th through 9th who are vulnerable to the allure of gangs. School typically finishes at 11:45 am, leaving these kids on their own for the afternoon while their parents are at work. We were approached by the Principal of the school about offering an activity for these kids to keep them off the streets. Cooking, English, games and small groups are on the agenda each Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.

Diaspora – As we meet and talk to new people, we are finding out more about the process of people being returned to El Salvador from the U.S.  We are also learning about the conditions to which they are returning.  The term deportee is viewed as negative not only within the culture but also in the community of those being returned. 
There are people returning to no family, no contacts, no place to stay the night, and no help other than two pupusas when they got off the plane. So this is where we introduce a ministry God has placed on our hearts called “Diaspora”, which means a displaced people. The people that are sent back range from lifetime criminals to someone that received a DUI and everything in between. They have been removed from their families, jobs, lifestyle, and property; in a word they are displaced. They are returned to the country they were born in but they were raised and built lives in the United States. They return to a totally unfamiliar foreign land.

 “Diaspora” will go to the airport and meet the Returning as they exit immigration.